Database Manager software: Navicat Premium Essentials

Jul 11

In my daily work, I have to deal with several different databases. Until now, it were mostly Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL, but in the last time SQLite and PostgreSQL have been added to my list.

In the past I had used mostly DB Manager from DBTools software in Brasil, but the last release of this software is from the year 2010, so about 7 years old, and it does not work with the Oracle database I have to deal with.

Searching for a valid successor without spending too much money (I need 3 licenses as we are 3 developers in our company), I have found Navicat Premium Essentials by Premiumsoft Cybertech Ltd, and after a short trial period I have acquired the needed licenses, and was really happy with it.

Now they have released their next version, Navicat 12, and I have upgraded my licenses to the new version.

What I have to say: they are very serious. I have discovered two bugs in the new version and opened a support issue with them. In a relatively short period they answered and have acknowlegdet the bugs (the immediatly, for the other it needed a day more and more specifications from my).

They have several different versions of their database manager, but for my needs the Premium Essentials version is the right one, as it has support for all databases I need (for a short period I needed also Firebird support, not available in Navicat), and is relatively affordable.