No touch with Windows 8 on Acer Iconia Tab W500

Nov 24

I have been running my Iconia Tab first with the Consumers Preview and then with the 90 day demo of the RTM version of Windows 8, and have been very satisfied with it. I used it mostly to test my first application written in Vulcan.NET specifically for touch use.

After the release of Windows 8 on the market, I installed an OEM version of Windows 8 64 bit on this tablet – and was very surprised, that the touch screen was not working. And a tablet without touch is completely useless. I searched on the internet, tried drivers, buth nothing. I have installed then a 32 bit version of Windows 8 with my OEM key – nothing.

Then I found a very interesting forum post in the german Acer forum: Windows 8 OEM will work only on Windows 8 certified hardware (and the Iconia Tab W500 is not), but Windows 8 Upgrade will be!!!!

Thanks to user MonitoMatze who posted this notice here (in german):

Tried to install from my Windows 8 Pro OEM media, using an upgrade key, not the OEM key (please note: installed from OEM media!) and the touchscreen worked!

Generally, I like Windows 8 on my tab because it is relatively fast and usable (and was at a reasonable price).