Windows 10 do not likes the netlogon share on server (Samba or Windows)

Aug 28

Today, I had an interesting issue: Windows 10 (workgroup setting, local account) does not connect to the Samba netlogon share, even with the latest Samba version (4.2.3), it asks username and password.
Access to other shares works without any issue.
I had also checked the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters\AllowInsecureGuest setting – it does not change anything.
My temporary solution was to create a new share, identical to the netlogon share, with another name – I choosed netlogonw10. Calling the login script from this share works.

The same is true also for netlogon shares on Windows servers, if the machine is not in the Windows domain

Aug 08

This one is not a tecnical issue, but something I would like to share.

Yesterday, I have received a very amusing email (unfortunately, it is in German, and translating it to English would loose the amusing elements):

Guten Tag,

seit vielen Jahren biete ich News, Infos und Verbraucherinformationen auf meinem Blog an.
In letzter Zeit fehlt mir jedoch das Geld, um mich meiner Mission in angemessenem Umfang widtmen zu können.
Da ich jedoch denke, dass meine Mission für jeden meiner Mitmenschen von großer Wichtigkeit ist, geht Ihnen Ihnen hiermit eine

Bestellbestätigung zur monatlichen Zahlung von 19,90 ?

für die nächsten 12 Monate zu. Sollten Sie mit der Zahlung NICHT einverstanden sein, dann

widersprechen Sie diesem rechtsgültigen Vertrag durch Ausfüllen des Kontaktformulares auf meinem Blog
Widersprüchen per E-Mail wird NICHT (!) stattgegeben, es wird in diesem Fall nach 7 Tagen eine rechtsgültige Mahnung per Post folgen!

Nachfolgend Ihre Bestell-Details:


Rechnungsnummer: 31016627
Datum: 05..08.2015

Artikelnr. Stück Artikeltext Unit Price Total EURO
1001 1 Unterstützung 19,90 EUR 19,90 EUR
Vertragslaufzeit 12 Monate bis 09/2016
Summe der Artikel: 238,80 EUR
Versandkosten: 0,00 EUR
Gesamtsumme: 238,80 EUR

Diese Leistung ist umsatzsteuerfrei gemäß §19 (1) Umsatzsteuergesetz

Bitte überweisen Sie den Rechnungsbetrag innerhalb von 7 Tagen nach Erhalt dieser Rechnung entweder per Paypal oder Google Wallet an folgende E-Mail-Adresse:

Bankdaten erhalten Sie auf Nachfrage per E-Mail.

Verwendungszweck: Unterstützung

Nach Bezahlung erhalten Sie noch eine ordentliche Abschlussrechnung Mit freundlichen Grüßen O.Forseti

Sie erhalten diese E-Mail aufgrund einer rechtsgültigen Bestellung auf
Impressum: O. Forseti, Bürgerheimstr. 23, 10365 Berlin
Telefon: (030) 47475582 , Telefax: (030) 47475583

(in short: there is someone sending an invoice for supporting his blog for 12 months, asking 19,90 Euro for every month, and requesting the payment in 7 days with PayPal od Google Wallet.)
The entire email is full with syntax errors, gives as invoice address only the email address to which the invoice is sent, and indicates an IP address originating the order that cannot be mine, as I’m based in Italy and the indicated address is from Germany:

Origin of

I’m very curios, if the author of this very obscure invoice will re-contact me, as I plan to answer such an email.

552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size – SBS 2011

Nov 06

Recently, I had problems with an SBS 2011 Server where the Exchange 2010 does not accepted mails with more than 10 MB (the default limit), and fetchmail returned an

552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size

I have changed the limit everywhere (Organisation and Server properties), but not on the Windows SBS 2011 Fax Sharepoint connector, but it does not worked until I changed this also on the SBS 2011 Fax Sharepoint connector.

Windows 8.1 – Errors on modern apps

Oct 02

When installing Windows 8.1 without a Microsoft account, and also when integrating the PC in a Windows domain, very often the apps on the app screen show up with a “X” in the angle, or with “error” after their name.

It seems there is going something wrong in this configuration, as I saw this very often (my customers are all professional users, no home users).

I have found now a solution to this:

In short, the solution is the following:

– the owner of the key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\appmodel\repository\packages

needs to be changed to SYSTEM (using the advanced button in RegEdit
– execute the following on an administrative command prompt

Powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

to fix the Store app
– execute a Powershell with administrative rights and execute this command:

((Get-ChildItem “HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\AppxAllUserStore\InboxApplications”) | Get-ItemProperty).Path | Add-AppxPackage -Register -DisableDevelopmentMode

This was enough – no reboot needed, the store app loaded and also the single other apps.

Arrange pictures in Windows 8 Gallery

Aug 27

How to arrange the pictures in the Windows 8 Picture Gallery?

There is no possibility to configure the sequence, but you can do it using an old trick from Windows 7: append the sequence in parentheses to the picture name:

Hello world!

Jun 09

Welcome to my blog!

This will not be a normal blog, but a collection of various tech tipps as I encounter in my daily work.

Themes will be Windows networking, Linux networking and programming with Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET.

So I hope this blog will be useful for the readers….