Firebird syntax differences to other SQL databases

Sep 30

Insert statements

Until now, I have used insert statements in the form

insert into mytable field1 = 1, field2 = ‘hello world’

Firebird does not like this, it needs the form

insert into mytable ( field1, field2 ) values ( 1, ‘hello world’ )

Masking apostrophes
Also Firebird does not likes masking apostrophes with the backslash

‘Hello, I\’m Wolfgang’

but needs two apostrophes

‘Hello, I”m Wolfgang’

Autoincrement fields
Firebird unfortunately does not have autoincrement fields as MS SQL or MySQL, but needs a trigger and a generator (other databases call it sequence), as it needs also the Oracle database.

Database managment tools
Until now, used DBTools Manager Professional or Navicat Premium Essentials to manage my SQL databases. Unfortunately, DBTools Manager does not work very well with Firebird, and Navicat has no Firebird support. The FlameRobin is very “basic” and has also some problems working with it, so after searching for a low-cost and good-working alternative I have decided for IBExpert Desktop.

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